FACT: Our schools will NOT be safe in 2014 unless we act. The time to act is NOW.
PROBLEM: Alabama schools DO NOT have a long term plan to provide real protection for our school children.
SOLUTION: Together, we will build community support to pay for school protection.


We will raise and deliver the funding necessary to provide one sheriff's deputy in each of our schools.
“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”
- Dr. Seuss


This organization was formed to provide supplemental financial support from donations to Law Enforcement agencies through either the county commissions, board of education or city governments. Our goal is to help these agencies keep or place officers in each school through out the county . Our belief is that their presence will deter individuals who's aim is to commit violent acts within our schools where children are present. In a larger picture the officers may be able to help educate the children on other issues while in the schools, such as bullying and the negative effects it has on other children etc.
If we wait until "someone else" tries and find a solution to this very real issue it will be to late. In order to receive donations from us we would request an agreement in writing, that any monies received from us will be for the sole use of protecting our children and educators. I truly believe this would be possible in Shelby County since certain projects have monies earmarked currently. We would also like to be assured that any monies given would not affect current budgets in a negative manner. Our donations would have to be in addition to what has already been budgeted.
The pilot program for this is starting in Shelby County, AL. But it is not limited to Shelby County, AL. Anyone interested in joining us in other communities please
let us know.
We have partnered with Regions Bank in Chelsea, AL so that donations can be made to Communities For Safer Schools at their locations. We will be setting up donations stations around the county along with building our media outlets to receive donations on-line very soon. Anyone interested in learning more about us or volunteering please send us an e-mail - saferschools@att.net