Sunday, June 30, 2013

July Issue of 280 Living

Check out the July issue of 280 Living Magazine. Now that the Shelby County Board of Education and the Shelby County Commission has found money in their budgets and committed other cities and departments financially to a funding plan (with or without a commitment) we need to look at our Plan B. With their plan of using current officers and retired officers as SRO's in schools there is something you need to know. To be certified as an SRO there is more training outside of APOST certification. Check out National Association of School Resource Officers for more detail. The training ranges around $495.00 per officer. At 39 officers that is $19,305.00. Due to legal reason's Sheriff Curry can't use the Pistol Fund to give out the announced $123,000.00 the County Commission assumed he could contribute. I would have figured in the 4+ months it took to come up with a plan they would have asked if he would be able to write that check legally. Lets look at the amount needed now. 29000 students at $123,000.00 would bring the original requested amount per student down to $4.241 Now take the amount needed for training divided by 29000 students and that amount is $0.665 per student. The total needed based off the numbers committed by the County Commission and the Shelby County BOE we need $4.906 per student. That total is $142,294. So now if parents would contribute basically $5.00 per student we could cover the amount needed to wrap this up and secure our children.