Children should always feel safe at school

It will take the support of our community, school districts, and law officers to make it happen.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

July Issue of 280 Living

Check out the July issue of 280 Living Magazine. Now that the Shelby County Board of Education and the Shelby County Commission has found money in their budgets and committed other cities and departments financially to a funding plan (with or without a commitment) we need to look at our Plan B. With their plan of using current officers and retired officers as SRO's in schools there is something you need to know. To be certified as an SRO there is more training outside of APOST certification. Check out National Association of School Resource Officers for more detail. The training ranges around $495.00 per officer. At 39 officers that is $19,305.00. Due to legal reason's Sheriff Curry can't use the Pistol Fund to give out the announced $123,000.00 the County Commission assumed he could contribute. I would have figured in the 4+ months it took to come up with a plan they would have asked if he would be able to write that check legally. Lets look at the amount needed now. 29000 students at $123,000.00 would bring the original requested amount per student down to $4.241 Now take the amount needed for training divided by 29000 students and that amount is $0.665 per student. The total needed based off the numbers committed by the County Commission and the Shelby County BOE we need $4.906 per student. That total is $142,294. So now if parents would contribute basically $5.00 per student we could cover the amount needed to wrap this up and secure our children.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Shelby County Commission commits funding for school security with Board of Education

The County Commission has committed several communities within Shelby County to a Financial portion that they most likely can't afford. They also committed the Sheriffs Department to write a check to several cities out of the pistol fund which is usually used for training without the Sheriff's Department having any say so in the matter. You will notice in the story they throw around figures backed up by saying that several entities have not committed at this point. How the County Commission or the Board of Education can moved forward making security commitments without the input of actual law enforcement officials really disturbs me. As parents how would you feel if we let all the educators go and placed law enforcement office in the class rooms to teach with no background in education????? See my point. The phrase is still being used of "law enforcement officers in and around schools" that should be addressed. Either you will ensure they are IN all schools or not, its that simple... We need leaders that understand their limits and actual abilities before they start diving into areas they have no clue about. Or committing funds they are not sure will actually be available....

Franklin County To Provide Their Own School Security Force.

Franklin County To Provide Their Own School Security Force.... Shelby County Board of Education are you watching?????

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Alabama schools get authority to hire security

Alabama schools get authority to hire trained school resource officers... Now will Shelby County Board of Education include this as a top priority in their school security plan as the public wants? Or continue with the remodeling efforts. Once Randy Fuller and or Dr. Lewis Brooks release the plan we shall see...

Monday, May 20, 2013

Interview with Alabama 13

A Chelsea man is behind an effort to have law enforcement officers in Shelby County Schools by the beginning of the new school year.
Mike Echols, father of two children in the school system, says it's not looking like that will happen due to the slow flow of donations to fund each deputies salary....

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Call for Volunteers

We are looking for volunteers to help distribute informational literature on June 1st at the Alabaster CityFest. Please email if you are willing to help. - Shelby County group goes online to raise money for putting cops in schools

SHELBY COUNTY, Alabama -- A recently started effort by a Chelsea parent aimed at raising money to boost law enforcement at schools in Shelby County has unveiled a website that accepts donations.
Communities for Safer Schools started by Mike Echols announced on Facebook the debut of the group's website, which links to PayPal to accept donations.
"We need donations to start as soon as possible," Echols posted on the group's Facebook page today. "Once we can go to the County Commission and Shelby County Board of Education with a check in hand they will know we are very serious about protecting our children." Read More